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TerraOmnia (former PlaneAR-mining), is a network of mining professionals with a wide range of knowledge of the mining business, with experience, skills and aptitudes ranging from technical mining project assessment, Mining projects startup, construction & operation.

Regional and local mining business risk analysis and assessment are also part of our DNA.

"Maximizing the value of your resources" is a sentence that expresses our conviction with the mining activity and it's potential to generate wealth in a healthy enviroment. Our respect for nature, the people, the mineral wealth, the communities, the authorities, the shareholders, and every party involved makes us understand and embrace the best professional practices of the industry.

TerraOmnia offers to the local market the possibility of achieving a profitable minning project or interpret and improve the feasibility studies by working independently or in continuous interaction with the members of the organization.

Our team is part of a network of similar organizations, with competitive advantages based on the Argentine experience in the different mining areas and required by the current economic and socio-political conditions.

Our Services

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Strategic Analysis. Corporate Support

  • Site Landing
  • Context
  • TOFS (Trade off studies)
  • Key project component
    • TSF
    • Water
    • Glaciers
    • Environmental
  • Sinergy & opportunities
  • Risk analysis
  • Financial impact on LOM

Tactical/Operational Analysis and Site Task Support

  • Project priorities
  • Operational Readiness plans
  • Start UP schedule
  • KPI development
  • Construction and mining safety system implementation
  • Corporate cultural set up

Minning Planning

  • Strategic Mining planning
  • Long term mining Planning
    • Mine optimization
    • R&R care
    • Cost models
    • Geotech & Water management
    • Mining closure
  • TTSS Organization

Mining Infrastructure

  • TSF
  • Waste dumps
  • Stocks piles
  • Access
  • Routs
  • Maintenance infrastructure

Mining Ops

  • Operational Readiness plan
  • Mine operation organization
  • Cost models

Mining Maintenance

  • Maintenance organization
  • Mining equipment assessment
  • Cost models

Project execution/Mine construction

  • Scheduling
  • Follow ups
  • Resources planning
  • KPI
  • TOFS (Trade off studies)
  • Reports
  • Costs

Construction/Mining contractors

  • RFQ (request for quotation)
  • QE (Quotes evaluation)
  • TOFS (Trade off studies)
  • Contractor KPI & Supervision

Project execution/Mine construction

  • Corporate S&H systems implementation
  • Operational staff & training
  • Mining Safety management System

Our Clientele

Pages of Interest

Consultores Mineros de San Juan is an experienced consulting group with wide experience in mining and related infrastructure in Argentina.

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CADIM, Colegio Argentino de Ingenieros de Minas, was founded on May 7, 1954. It is an entity with more than 66 years of experience. Due to our commitment and obligation to society and as required by our own associates, we permanently strive for the proper exercise of the profession and the management of the mining activity, following the best technical-economic and socio-environmental practices.

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We provide Distinctive Strategic & Operational Solutions in Human Capital, for Client Companies and for Contractors.

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We are an economic and social consultancy that was born out of the need of the industry to: survey the socioeconomic reality of the communities near its projects, comply with national and international standards, both corporate (governance) and public, creating and consolidating a harmonious relationship with the environment.

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+54 264 464 8411
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